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Working with Vintage Linens

Working with vintage fabrics

I have a lovely job to start this New Year working week  – a Roman blind being made with gorgeous vintage French linen – original a bed sheet, and bought on ebay, by a discerning and resourceful client.  This sort of material requires careful handling , has to be pressed before cutting, and needs very careful measuring and cutting as unlike new material off a roll, straight from a factory, this sheet has obviously been laundered a good deal over the years and the weave is now not as uniform as it was when new.  Basically it has no stiffening left in it apart from the inherent properties of the fabric – in this case linen which is pretty robust, or that imparted by normal washing powders and starches. It’s ‘wobbly’ and stretchy in parts and has to be laid out gently and particular attention has to be given to the grain and how it’s lays on the table.

My marvellous metal set square bought from Fifty Sheep , is invaluable.

This fabric has some lovely embroidery on it which we’re incorporating into the design of the blind.

side view of bottom of blind

side view of bottom of blind