Nina Murden - The Lewes Seamstress

Weaving in….

Weaving in …. This place where I work.

My workshop is situated in a pretty beautiful spot, backed up to the downs to the west of Lewes (known counter-intuitively as Landport Bottom).




Everyone who comes up here to the workshop remarks upon its situation and how lucky I am to work and live in such a lovely spot, –    I think so too and feel gratitude for this.

Landport bottom is owned by the District Council and is public land used by walkers, cyclists, horse-riders dog walkers, the odd badger, fox and several dozen sheep.  The grass this year is already a  golden yellow, but there is no wild carrot appearing unlike last year– which was pretty wet, which may have helped.  The Southdown sheep that have been put up here this year (along with the black faced sheep) are quite a bit smaller and they get lost to view now that the grass is so tall. They have the most gorgeous looking faces – like teddy bears really.


I watch these sheep travel purposefully to and fro across behind my garden, and often see flocks of starlings flying over to them some landing on their backs hitching their rides then hopping off and on moving forward with the flock as they graze.  I think they peck off ticks and so forth from the sheep so doing them a favour, but looking at their behaviour more closely I wonder if they also feed of insects in the long grass that are disturbed by the sheep?