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Roman Blinds

The Swiss Job…

The Swiss Job has started…. an ongoing large project , making all the curtains, blinds and other window treatments for a client living in a house in Küsnacht. Beautiful materials chosen for the first of three part project, and I have taken delivery of a Villa Nova fabric, @ £1042. It’s of a Chalky colour – always a dangerous thing to work with, so NO cups of tea in the workshop, NO chocolate until tea time, and god forbid that I should prick my finger. Tense times. There are not many curtains and so curtain makers in Switzerland apparently, and so she has come to me.


Roman Blinds for Edwardian Bay

Completed set of Roman Blinds for this Lewes Edwardian home. For a 11 year old’s bedroom, so blackout deemed necessary! Also because these houses can be pretty chilly and draughty in the winter, this blackout was combined with a combination blackout insulated lining. The finish is akin to a three layer insulated blind, but at less cost.  The fabric is from the Ian Mankin range, being Oxford Stripe Navy, something that looks smart and can appeal to the young as well as being appropriate for a teenagers bedroom, so a good option to last the distance of changing tastes as children grown up.   They were the hand sewn, stab stitched option, this super smart option means that there are no visible lines of stitching at all on the fronts of the blinds.  The blinds are not fully up in this picture, to show the fabric better. Customer chose brass pulls, cleats and cord connectors.

Ian Mankin's Oxford Stripe Navy for 3 roman blinds

Ian Mankin’s Oxford Stripe Navy for 3 roman blinds

Roman Blinds