Nina Murden - The Lewes Seamstress

Natural Cool

My customers are starting to go on their summer holidays and bringing me items such as maxi dresses to alter before they go away.  (Not many women seem to be tall enough to wear maxi dresses without having to have them shortened)!  So when shopping for summer clothes what should you look for to stay as cool and as comfortable as possible?  I believe it’s really very important to look at the label (not necessarily the designer label, but the garment label where the fibre content is stated.  I never buy anything without first looking at this.  This will usually be on the inside side seams, or at the neck.  Look for 100% cotton, linen, silk, bamboo or hemp, or a mixture of any of these. (And organic would be the ideal).  Natural fibres such as these are much more appropriate for summer clothes than synthetics such as polyesters, acrylics, acetates and nylons.  The latter tend to retain heat and to insulate in other words they don’t  ‘breathe’ .   Whereas for example cotton can absorb and release perspiration easily, linen feels softer with every wash, silk is very absorbent and dries quickly and another really pertinent reason to avoid synthetics…all natural fibres will biodegrade easily whereas any synthetics won’t.