Nina Murden - The Lewes Seamstress

Daylight robbery

I have been busy making blackout lined curtains and roman blinds for customers this month.   We are creatures of the seasons our circadian rhythms keeping us aligned and in tune with the sun.  Yet our modern  lifestyles and work patterns are often at odds with this natural rhythm.  There is a way to either delay wake up time or bring forward going to sleep time by a few hours by blocking out natural light from the bedroom.  Blackout lined curtains might be especially helpful for children’s rooms – they are usually up with the lark/up with the light and whereas perhaps you would like not to be! – especially at weekends and then they will often not feel sleepy at bedtime!   Shift workers, or those who suffer with migraines could enjoy the benefits of  blackout curtains.  Just to explain though –blackout lining does not look black! It is a normal cream coloured lining that has been processed to incorporate a synthetic layer of blackout, (which is black) followed by another layer of white, on top of this. This is called a 3 pass lining.

I am currently running an offer of 15% off blackout lined curtains for June.