Nina Murden - The Lewes Seamstress

Lewes Seamstress

I have sewn since I was a young girl, having being taught and inspired by my mother and both grandmothers. My paternal grandmother who we knew as Drooda having made virtually every stitch of clothing she wore, and made all the soft furnishings in her house. I started on a hand operated Singer Sewing machine gifted by Drooda – very much like the one in my logo.
In my twenties I studied Theatre Wardrobe at Wimbledon School of Art and then worked in theatre and dance as a costumier. I also studied additional pattern cutting at the Katinka School of Dressmaking. My current seamstress business in Lewes dates back to 2005.
I have also completed a four year teaching degree achieving a First Class Honours in Education (English) in 2009.

“I bought one of those classic vintage suits where the jacket fits perfectly but the trousers are four sizes too large. Nina managed to make the trousers look as if they actually belonged to the jacket and had both been cut for me.”

Gustav Temple, Editor of The Chap magazine